Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bakit kulot?

I decided to have my hair curled. It’s weird, how all my life I’ve been struggling to keep them straight. See, my hair is not straight but it’s not curly. It’s somewhere in the middle, unruly waves and tikwas all over. Naturally sabog is how I describe it. Like my mom’s, but she keeps her hair short. Every year I would spend Php2,000 – Php 3,000 to have my hair straightened and for the first few weeks my hair is shampoo commercial-material. Then life happens and boom, it’s sabog again. This year is particularly bad. I had my last rebond last February and by June I had to have my hair in a pony all the time. The hair chemicals didn’t even last six months.

I’ve wanted a new hairdo since last year, but with my physical features I don’t really have much to choose from. I would have wanted to get a pixie cut para tipid sa shampoo but you have to be really really really pretty to pull that off. Like Emma Watson or Natalie Portman. Or Tin Leones (aylabyu mare!). And I remember Boy Abunda’s interview with Rosanna Roces from waaaaaay back (I was in grade school, may career pa si Osang) complimenting her on her new hairdo, saying she is one of the few women who can pull it off kasi maliit ang mukha at matangos ang ilong. Unfortunately for me I don’t have both. *sniff*

Getting a kulot and/or blue hair was what I wanted for my birthday but both would be too much of a shock so I settled for bangs, for the first time in ages. This is how I looked like:

Not much has changed. Haha.

Then last Saturday I went to the salon to have my hair trimmed because they’ve been falling off. It happens when it reaches a certain length when probably my scalp can’t sustain them any longer and they just die and fall. When the attendant asked what I wanted to do with my hair I said, “Trim lang po (micropause). Uhm, nagkukulot kayo?” He looked at me incredulously and said yes. So it did look like an impulsive thing.

No it’s not digi perm like what my officemates Faye and Pam got at Tony & Jackey for Php10,000ish (I didn’t even know what digi perm was). My younger sister asked, “Anong pinangkulot?” I described those curlers that looked like tiny bowling pins with rubber band in one end and she said, “A, yung ganun sa pangkulot ng matatanda.” Yun nga. Cold wave pala ang tawag. I only paid Php800. Haha. I feel bad for my officemates.

It’s fun being kulot. I don’t have to comb! Yay! Ive gotten generally positive comments, until I wore my glasses and Joy said I looked like Betty La Fea. Hmp. Then I remembered how obsessed people are with straight hair, an obsession I also suffered from for half of my life, and how straight = good and beautiful while curly is the opposite. Every Hollywood movie with a transformation subplot features an “ugly” protagonist with huge, dorky eyeglasses and curly hair and somehow the only way to beautify her is to give her a rebond (see The Princess Diaries). Ah, society and its standards of beauty. Tsk.


  1. Feel na feel ko tong entry mo te at di lang dahil lumi-level ako kay Natalie Portman at Emma Watson dito(thanks mare, aylabyutoo!). I share your sentiments about hair and standards of beauty and femininity (I even wrote a feature article in journ 111 on the topic in relation to why I shaved my head in college haha).Rinding-rindi na ngako kay Carla “Have a great hair day!” Abellana lately.

    At although bet ko ang kulot mong hair (at na di ka kelangan magsuklay), sa tingin ko bagay din sayo ang pixie cut with bangs ;)

  2. Ang dilim naman ng picture. Hindi ko tuloy na-absorb nang todo ang new look mo 'te. Gagamit ka na ngayon ng pagoda cold wave lotion. Haha.

  3. Tin, I can't wait for bar review. Sabay tayong magpa-shave. Haha.

    Leo, ano ang pagoda cold wave lotion? Actual brand ba siya? Naririnig ko lang kasi siya bilang bekispeak for "tired", parang Haggardo Versoza = haggard.

  4. Yes ate. Pwede mong i-goggle para makita mo ang itsura. Yun nga, lotion siya para sa nagpa, uh, cold wave.


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