Friday, November 08, 2013

Quo Vadis?

So this is how it feels to be at the finish line. A quiet sense of relief within you drowns the cheers of family, friends, and acquaintances. You take part in the celebration, but deep inside is a soft hum of fulfillment. You look back at the track you've hurdled and sigh, “You made it.” You know that while the world’s applause encourages you, it could only take you so far because the battle you fight is against yourself. 

When a professor makes you feel like you don’t have the aptitude for law and bullies you until you almost break into tears, it’s not the consoling words from classmates that you listen to, but your ego. You know yourself better. And so you stiffen up your neck, swallow the tears and try to grasp as much as you can from a haphazard reading of next day’s assignment. When a dreaded professor compliments you during recitation, it is not the approving glances of your classmates that you perceive, but the throb of pride and pleasure in your heart.

It could be a lonely struggle, but nothing can be more satisfying than knowing that you conquered your worst critic, your greatest foe, your Self, and challenging that person to embark on another crusade.

Where are you going, where do you go?
Are you looking for answers, to questions under the stars?
If along the way you are growing weary,
you can rest with me until a brighter day
It’s okay, where are you going, where do you go?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Is A Donut

“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!” – Oscar Wilde

The past week has been a donut for me. The stress of finals season was a hole, but there were little things that made up the sugar-coated doughnut. 

1. This cool postcard from Rhea

I don't think I can do anything about # 2 haha. But hey, 2 out of 3 is fine, right?
Thanks, Rhea! :-)
2. Studying in Krispy Kreme and seeing the donut assembly line (or whatever that donut-making thing is called)

3. Passing Nego and Labor Law Rev in spite of…me (I’m not gonna make excuses this time)

4. Soul Surfing with Mary

Without the hole, a donut will just be an ordinary bun. No fun. Same goes with life. It's hard to appreciate the awesome things without experiencing the challenges. Sabi nga ng favorite saying ko, "Ang buhay ay parang kape. Ang sarap ay wala sa tamis, kundi nasa pait." Yum. Coffee goes well with donuts. I should totally go to Krispy Kreme. :-)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Final Finals

Isang gabi, sa cramming capital ng Teachers Village…
Gir1 1: Iba kaya ang brain function ng mga Amerikano sa mga Pinoy?
Girl 2: Physiologically pareho lang. Culturally siguro iba. The way we attach meaning to things…
G2: Angtagal ko nang wala sa art studies circle. Mga seven years na.
G1: May book ako on art history, sobrang basic lang. Pahiram ko sayo. Picasso, Monet, Magritte...
G2: Magritte? Hindi ko pa siya naencounter.
G1: Yung “This Is Not A Pipe”?
G2: Yun ba yung may toilet?
Me: (pabulong) Duchamp yun.
G1: …detect changes in cerebral blood flow while viewing works of Mondrian…
Conclusions formed while listening to their conversation:
1. Girl 1 is working on her thesis on art education
2. I have a knack for eavesdropping. The girlfriend finds it creepy gets a bit annoyed because it distracts me from her, but I say it’s a journalistic skill.
3. I should have transferred to another table.

And because I did not, I had an awful time during my back-to-back final exams the following day -- Political Law Review and Labor Law Review. It’s not a stressful day per se, because poli and labor are two of the more brain-friendly subjects, but the sheer volume of materials I had to deal with made it so arduous. Poli is composed of well, all subjects political: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law of Public Officers, Election Law, Local Government, and Public International Law. Labor, on the other hand consists of Labor Standards and Labor Relations. Several semesters crammed in two subjects, and crammed further into one day. Haha. But I have no business complaining because these are review classes, so I’m presumed to have learned the subjects before, and bar exams work pretty much in this manner. Sabi ko nga, first bar Sunday ang peg ng finals ko. c”,)

The exams were reasonable and I know I could have done better if I didn’t spend time eavesdropping unavoidably hearing the conversation of others. The only issue I have on Poli is it’s mostly taken from Consti. And there was a question on the most boring part of the Constitution -- Art. IX-D (The Commission on Audit). Anyhow, ranting is moot now because the prof texted my final grade and I passed. Yay! For Labor, the prof has been my teacher in another subject before so I thought he would draft his exams the way he used to, i.e., situational. Lo and behold, he had a lot of questions asking for definitions and matters of procedure in labor cases. Hindi lang basta definition, but “How does the Labor Code define…” I still dunno how I fared, but I’m pretty sure I amended a substantial part of the law. LOL.

There's still one final exam to hurdle, Negotiable Instruments Law (NIL), and my knowledge of the subject is precisely that -- nil. Hehe. It’s a week from now so I am not bothered (yet), being a holder of a Masters degree in this area of law called Parkinson’s.* For now I shall continue paying attention to the more interesting lives of fellow crammers.

*Parkinson’s Law states that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Some define it in regard to time as “The amount of time which one has to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete the task.” (Source:'s_law)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Evolution of Pinoy Politicians

“The superstition, the gullibility, the ignorance of the common people in these Islands are such that it will be a century before they are capable of self-government. There is a small percent of people who have had money enough to acquire a good education, and they it is who, for motives or personal ambition, have thrown this country into a deplorable state of war. These leaders, educated as they are, with a few notable exceptions, are the most magnificent liars that it has been my luck to come across. They change from side to side to the other with the ease of the statesmen of the days of Marlborough. Few, if any of them have the slightest conception of justice as we understand it in an Anglo Saxon country. They have learned from the Spaniard that the best way of increasing a small salary is to get a “rake off” and to “squeeze” the people over whom they exercise authority. This moral condition, or immoral condition, is what makes our future task after pacification such a difficult one. We must give the Filipinos a part in the government, and yet it is very unsafe to entrust them with any authority which they can use for the purpose of squeezing money out of the people…” ~ William Taft’s letter to Howard Hollister, 1900*

Fifty years later, the first post-war Congress passes a law authorizing the Philippine Treasury to pay back salaries and wages to members of Congress and their staff to cover the three years of Japanese occupation. In effect, the Backpay Law compensated the legislators for service that they never rendered during the war years.** I thought this was just tsismis, coming from my Kasaysayan prof who admitted that he likes talking to old (pre-war) people and integrates what he hears from them in his lectures, and “verified” by Wikipedia. But then, there's an actual case decided by the Supreme Court regarding the matter, Custodio vs. Senate President.*** It's not available online so I went to the library to take a look at the brittle and dusty pages of the Official Gazette at the Reserve section. 

Fast facts: Simplicio Custodio, a former guerrillero (I suppose a HUKBALAHAP member?), filed a petition for prohibition against the Senate President, the Speaker of the House, the Insular Treasurer and the Insular Auditor to prohibit them from authorizing and approving the disbursement of P3,000,000.00 appropriated for the back salaries of the Congressmen. He likewise prayed that the act be declared invalid and unconstitutional. Sadly, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition on the following grounds: 
1) Custodio does not have the requisite personality to attack the constitutionality of the act. The elementary doctrine of constitutional law is that the constitutionality of a legislative act is open to attack only by a person whose rights are affected thereby, that one who invokes the power of the court to declare an Act of Congress to be unconstitutional must be able to show not only that the statute is invalid but that he has sustained, or is in immediate danger of sustaining, some direct injury as the result of its enforcement, and not merely that he suffers in some indefinite way in common with people generally. 
2) Appropriation is a political question. Tribunals are not called upon to decide questions of political character. It must be decided by the people at the polls. 
My point is, kupal na talaga ang mga Congressman dati pa. Imagine demanding for back salaries at a time when the country is ravaged by war? Grabe lang. Anyhoo, it is interesting to note that had this case been filed today, Custodio would have won considering that the SC is very liberal as to locus standi these days and that the doctrine of political question has been irrefragably diminished by Art. VIII, Section 1 of the 1987 Constitution.

After almost seven decades, we are bombarded with the shocking news of the P10 billion pork barrel scam. “Paano kaya sila nakakatulog sa gabi?” I asked manong cab driver while stuck in EDSA one rainy evening. He was tuned in to an AM radio station and the anchor was on an extended outburst about the issue. “Sa pera sila nakahiga kaya mahimbing ang tulog nila. Hindi naman barya yan e,” he jokingly replied.


*___vs. ___, citing Alfonso, O. (1970). Theodore Roosevelt and the Philippines. University of the Philippines Press, p.45.
** Wikipedia entry on the 1st Congress of the Commonwealth of the Philippines at
*** 42 Official Gazette 1243, November 7, 1945.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Get Paid or Die Trying

After three months, I finally got my first government paycheck! The documents supporting its issuance got lost in bureaucratic mess and so my wages for July to September arrived before that of June. I had to storm the Personnel and Accounting Divisions (because apparently Pinoys still prefer personal interaction before actually doing something) and berate some people before the check was released. Hindi naman kalakihan ang halaga pero dugo’t pawis din yun no. Kalurkey.

I've been waiting for this tiny piece of paper for what feels like eons, so I had a chance to ruminate on its significance. Hehe.

From a legal perspective:
  • Under the Negotiable Instruments Law, a check is a bill of exchange, one of the two forms of negotiable instruments. An instrument to be negotiable must contain an unconditional promise or order to pay a sum certain in money.
  • An order or promise to pay out of a particular fund is not unconditional.
  • This check is to be paid specifically out of Department of ______’s account.
  • Therefore, not all checks are negotiable instruments.
From a practical perspective: Yahoo! May pangsurf na ako!

From other’s perspective: Congrats! and/or Get a life.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Dear You,

I know we agreed to not celebrate because “monthsaries were invented because less and less couples are getting to anniversaries” but yeah, I got mushy. Hehe.

Etta James - At Last

Van Morrison – Someone Like You

Sarah Vaughan – You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To

John Lennon – Oh My Love

The Paper Kites - Bloom

Happy 2nd. ^^


Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Yeahboi. Thanks to everyone who joined the trip. Here's to another awesome round! Cheers!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold On

I have been in school for a looong time. Patty sums it up in a few words: More than enough to form a family. This she expressed in one of those post-exam rantages/pep talks, when we reassess our years in Malcolm. Our lives seem to have been suspended while the rest of the world carried on and we wonder if it's all worth it. It's okay, I assure her, we've come this far. Did I say last sem break ever?

And then this song plays in my head. Somehow it always does during moments of school-induced self-doubt. Every freaking time. Hahaha.

Some day somebody's gonna make you want to 
Turn around and say goodbye 
Until then baby are you going to let them 
Hold you down and make you cry 
Don't you know? 
Don't you know things can change 
Things'll go your way 
If you hold on for one more day 
Can you hold on for one more day 
Things'll go your way 
Hold on for one more day...

ATTN: Tin! Ikaw talaga ang naalala ko rito e. Hehe. Two weeks na lang before The Big Fight! Aja!

S & S

Last month I picked up a new activity (as well as lots of lesions and contusions hehe) -- I’m learning to skate! While it is painful at first, it feels awesome once you get the hang of it. 

I won’t pretend to be an expert since my knowledge only came from how-to videos on YouTube and my own attempts to move. :-) But I am now able to traverse a few meters without falling off.

The inevitable. Butt land!


Kaya ko rin yan!

Here we go!

This is how we roll.
(Taken 30 minutes before an exam, hence the reviewer in hand.)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Takas takas din pag may time*

We went to [redacted] for two days. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing; she said she wanted to get away and I wanted to be with her so away I went, too. It was a Monday. A year ago it would have been unthinkable for me to go out of town and leave work on the busiest day of the week. Things are different now. I am more in control of my time, I am proud of what I do. Yes, I haven’t been paid since I got hired (lalala happy thoughts) but it is rewarding, knowing that you are working for something greater than yourself. 

It’s funny that I am more productive now that I don’t do 12-hour workdays. Whoever thought that being busy means being productive is deluded. I work three days a week now and I’m meeting the quota. It’s awesome. 

License to get lazy
Now if only I’d get compensated things would be perfect. Haha.


That two-day trip made me think a great deal – past indiscretions, present anxieties, and future uncertainties; whether monkeys actually eat four cheese ravioli (inside joke lol), why humans stay in one patch of the earth when there is so much more to cover.

Sometimes, doing nothing does a lot.

*Because I hate the expression so much. Hahaha.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Healthy = Happy

For the first time in months, I finally got around to running around the oval again. The last time I jogged was in February, and the only reason I did was that I wanted to see her. Five months later, we would be jogging side by side. Amazeballs. 

So yesterday I decided to run because I have been experiencing massive chest pains. The theory was that doing a strenuous activity will sort of exorcise the illness away. People say it works for asthma (something I regret not doing because I babied my asthma so I still suffer from it every now and then). Also I have been anxious about so many things that I felt I needed to run from the clouds and chase the sun. Endorphins. The best part was she decided to join me. :-)

I was able to complete almost two rounds of running, not brisk walking as I am wont to do. I didn’t think I’d last that long, considering how sedentary I have been lately. It could be because a) I drew my strength from her; b) the thought of having someone to bring you to the infirmary in case you collapse is comforting; c) surrounding yourself with good people pushes you to be better.

It felt so good that I actually did self-fives. Haha.

Monday, July 08, 2013

On settling

There is an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Robin and Ted tell Marshall about this relationship theory which says that every good relationship has a settler and a reacher; the reacher reaches for someone out of their league, and the settler settles for someone below theirs. The whole episode revolves on Marshall trying to get Lily to admit she’s the reacher but the latter, who thinks the opposite, does not want to answer to avoid hurting her man’s feelings. The theory didn’t strike me as particularly earth-shattering, and I always thought I’m sort of a settler because, eherm, modesty aside, there is a sub-specie whose members reach for me and think I’m quite a catch. Ganun eh. Hahaha.

Although I did settle once upon a time (it led to disastrous results as expected), I swore I will never ever settle again. So I started looking but gave up after a few tries. It’s so difficult, going out there and trying to find people who will love you for your quirks, and whose quirks you will love in return. I kissed dating goodbye, so to speak.

But here comes a person who is exactly that. And she’s asking me if I’m settling with her because of my previous declaration against dating. Boohoo. Me and my big mouth. 

I vehemently denied the charge, of course. Why look further when I've found what I've been looking for?

What were you looking for?

The question reminded me of a line from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (of all places!): “Love is our response to our highest values, and can be nothing else.”

You love someone because that someone “reflects your deepest visions of yourself,” Rand says. You love someone whose “value” approximates your valuation of yourself. So if you think you’re a catch, you will not settle for someone who’s not. This analysis sort of invalidates the Reacher-Settler theory adverted to above. Reaching in this case is not for someone out of your league but for someone within yours, albeit hard to attain. How then does a reacher decide that someone is The One? Will acknowledging that a person is the embodiment of your most fundamental convictions be tantamount to settling? If that is so, I’d be happy to settle.

And to you dear one, a song.

I wanted to post the version from 500 Days of Summer but JGL’s moves are distracting. LOL.


Three weeks into my new job and I’m going nuts. The work is easy if you shut down your emotional alter ego and just decide everything based on the rules. The job entails settling conflicting claims of land ownership (Pasok pa rin sa title hehe).

The question that has been hounding me for weeks is -- How do you know the truth? 

Well, as an administrative proceeding, the standard of proof is substantial evidence, or such relevant evidence as a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion. But what if in the course of the proceedings, a piece of evidence was lost, one that would spell the difference between ownership and trespassing? How do you know if the record as you got it presents all sides of the story? What is adequate? How reasonable is reasonable? How certain are you that your conclusion is just and fair?

Haay. Nakakabaliw ang mangarir.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving out, moving in, moving on.

The past couple of weeks went by in a blur. So many things happened* and I’m still a bit dazed from it all. 

A friend said, “You’re amazing. How do you manage to do all these things?” 

Frankly, I don’t know. I guess not worrying about the things that have to be done helps a lot. The circumstances are challenging as they are, no need to lose sleep over them. That’s figurative, of course. I do lose some sleep when I do my bit of studying. (Bit lang talaga. Unfortunately, six years in Malcolm did not change my laid-back, if not non-existent, study habits.) You just do what you have to do. The world will spin madly on, whether you like it or not.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Mga Kapamilya sa Kapuso Network

(inspired by The Soshal Network’s WATPION* series)

Isang linggo na ang nakalipas mula nang magpaalam ako sa kumpanyang umaruga sa akin sa loob ng pitong taon. Hanggang ngayon, naa-amaze pa rin ako sa bilis ng panahon. Akalain mong seven years na yun? 1/4 na ng buhay ko yun a. Kaya nga ba ako nakakaramdam ng bonggang separation anxiety at kahit anong pigil ko sa pagtulo ng luha noong Lunes (naghanda sila ng despedida party for me. How I wish despedida de soltera yun. Haha.) e hindi ako nagtagumpay. Emoterang frog.

Bilang hindi ako nakapagsalita nung pinagsasalita nila ako (sorry po, hirap lang talaga mag-express ng emotions except kapag lasing tipsy), eto na lang yung what-I-remember-most-about-each-of-you part.

Ang mga Boazanians. Kung nanonood kayo ng Voltes V, sila yung mga alien invaders na kalaban ng super robot. Pero sa ETV, “boss” ang meaning ng salitang ito. Let’s start.

LGR. Si LGR ang OIC ng ETV. Uber calm. As in. Sa seven years ko sa GMA di ko pa siya narinig na sumigaw ever, kahit kasigaw-sigaw na ang mga pangyayari. Tahimik lang talaga. Tuloy, sa mga impersonation kiyeme tuwing may kasiyahan sa department, wala siyang speaking lines. LOL. She has the best handwriting on earth. Walang sinabi ang Monotype Corsiva. Workaholic. Doting mom to her boys. I want to be like her when I grow up.

MTA. Known as Tita Avin to almost everyone. Mataas ang blood sugar pero andaming stock na tsokolate sa office. Angsweet-sweet ni Ma’am, as in mahilig siya mamigay ng Razon’s halo-halo, donuts at kung anu-anong matatamis. Angkulit at ang funny ng mga hirit. Bagay sa kanya ang pagiging head ng Comedy department. Malakas din maka-haggardo versoza minsan. Hehe.

RAM. Whoo, hirap! Head ng Drama. Mapapaiyak ka talaga (di ba Dennis?). Basta, ang lagi kong sinasabi sa mga utaw na nasisindak sa kanya ay “Mabait naman siya. Kailangan niya lang ng anger management therapy paminsan-minsan.” Pero salamat sa pang-aaward niya sakin, makapal na ang mukha ko ngayon. At hindi na rin ako na-stress nung sininghalan ako ni Prof. VAA ng, “Ms Ramirez, if I lose my voice I’m going to sue you!”

DDJ. Wala kami masyadong interaction dahil nasa kabilang building ang office niya. Sabi ng mga tao mataray pero parang hindi naman. Natakot lang ako sa Medusa-like hair niya nung bagong pasok ako sa ETV. Buti na lang nauso ang rebond. Bilang head ng Musical/Variety & Specials, tumatayo rin siyang Ticketnet, o hingian ng ticket sa tuwing may concert. Mahusay kumanta. Sabi ng nanay ko naririnig niya daw ang pangalan ni Ms. D nung Tawag ng Tanghalan days (or was it Bagong Kampeon? Basta some vintage singing contest). Di ko natanong kung as producer o as contestant. 

GSL. Strict at meticulous. AVP for Alternative Productions. I have always been in awe of her because she was tasked to hold a high position at such a young age. Andami kong epic fail moments pero hindi naman siya nang-aaward masyado.

JPN. Kung may proper noun na synonym ng “mabait”, JPN yun. Cool at parang barkada lang. Angtinis ng boses! AVP ng Comedy/Infotainment/Reality/Game. Laging humihingi ng padasal tuwing Progcom meeting. At muntik na niya akong isumpa nung binully ko ang baby girl niya during Trick or Treat. Yes, I’m so mature like that.
The look on JPN's baby's face when she saw...
*evil laugh*
CCS. AVP for Drama. Calm and collected. TOYM awardee (yata). Anghusay-husay sa Math. Kayang-kayang mag-compute ng NIBT without the aid of Excel formulas. Sa department na puro BS Math, isa siyang aberration. Hehe.

Ate Jean. Systems and Budget Manager. *slow clap* Siya ang pinaka -- mabait, matulungin, maaasahan, maalalahanin, masikap, matiyaga, lahat na yata ng katangian na nasa mapa ng Teachers’ Village -- sa ETV. Super. Grace under pressure. Pero kapatid niya yun. LOL corny. (But seriously, may kapatid siyang Grace ang pangalan.) Anyway. Kahit madalas umagahin sa office, lalo na kapag budget season, hindi ko siya narinig magreklamo. Kasinghaba ng EDSA ang pasensya niya. Taga-salo kapag nagpapasa-load ako. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Mabuti pa ang biglaang lakad, natutuloy.

Naujan, Oriental Mindoro (May 18 and 19, 2013) 

At the beach, life is different. 
A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment.
We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun.
We measure happiness by nothing we can hold... 
nothing we can catch…
Life is jumping and elusive and momentously momentary.
We want to [stretch] the days, distill the memories, make them last.
At the same time, we know that the beauty is in the evanescence.
Every wave comes in, then retreats.
Every day promises, then turns its back and slips away.
Every joy has a little tease in it, a give and a take, 
and leaves a wake of longing.
*captions from How to Live At the Beach by Sandy Gingras

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Puppet*

If for a moment God would forget 
that I am a rag doll and give me a scrap of life, 
possibly I would not say everything that I think, 
but I would definitely think everything that I say.
I would value things not for how much they are worth 
but rather for what they mean.

I would sleep little, dream more. 
I know that for each minute that we close our eyes 
we lose sixty seconds of light.
I would walk when the others loiter; 
I would awaken when the others sleep.
I would listen when the others speak, 
and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream.

If God would bestow on me a scrap of life, 
I would dress simply, 
I would throw myself flat under the sun, 
exposing not only my body but also my soul.
My God, if I had a heart, 
I would write my hatred on ice 
and wait for the sun to come out. 
With a dream of Van Gogh 
I would paint on the stars a poem by Benedetti, 
and a song by Serrat would be my serenade to the moon.

With my tears I would water the roses, 
to feel the pain of their thorns 
and the incarnated kiss of their petals...

My God, if I only had a scrap of life...

I wouldn't let a single day go by 
without saying to people I love, that I love them. 
I would convince each woman or man 
that they are my favorites 
and I would live in love with love.

I would prove to the men how mistaken they are in thinking 
that they no longer fall in love when they grow old -- 
not knowing that they grow old when they stop falling in love. 
To a child I would give wings, 
but I would let him learn how to fly by himself. 
To the old I would teach that death 
comes not with old age but with forgetting. 

I have learned so much from you men....

I have learned that everybody 
wants to live at the top of the mountain 
without realizing that true happiness 
lies in the way we climb the slope.

I have learned that when a newborn 
first squeezes his father's finger in his tiny fist, 
he has caught him forever.
I have learned that a man 
only has the right to look down on another man 
when it is to help him to stand up. 

I have learned so many things from you, 
but in the end most of it will be no use 
because when they put me inside that suitcase, 
unfortunately I will be dying.

translated by Matthew Taylor and Rosa Arelis Taylor

*Attributed to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

30 before 30

A friend sent this link to me last Monday, and the following day I heard about Jill’s passing. It reminded me of how fleeting life is and how people are too scared to get out of their comfort zones and end up leading “buried lives.” I figured I don’t want to live my life wondering why I didn’t live more so I started the SAP recently, but somehow it is wanting, perhaps because I am under no pressure to actually get things done.

And so I am reviving the “Things To Do Before I Die” list I had back in college, renamed it "30 Before 30", and revised it to make it more attainable (ish) since I only have sixteen months to accomplish everything. Talk about pressure. :-)

30 Before 30

1. Climb a mountain. (March 23, 2013)
2. Learn to drive
3. Master a sport. I tried to learn muay thai, I’m learning karate, but this item will not be crossed out unless I really learn them by heart.
4. Learn to dance. Because I’m the most stiff and clumsy person on earth.
5. Learn to swim, damn it! May halong galit talaga. I tried. Seriously. Maybe I should give it another chance and try not to panic when I no longer feel the floor.
6. Skydive
7. Surf (May 5 & 6, 2013)
8. Try speed dating. Once lang. Hehe.
9. Learn to fly. Not Icarus-like but to pilot a plane.
10. Drive across the country. But first I have to do #2.
11. Learn photography
12. Bungee jump
13. Get something published
14. Go camping (March 23-24, 2013)
15. Practice yoga
16. Learn a song on the guitar
17. Try wall climbing
18. Play golf
19. Go zip lining
20. Witness a meteor shower
Now this should be easy.
21. Ride a hot air balloon
22. Help a stranger in need whenever possible. This is a continuing mission and doesn't have to stop at 30.
23. Fire a gun
24. Dye my hair
25. Use my passport. Anong petsa na?!
26. Cook something for someone
27. Travel solo
28. Appear in a John Lloyd Cruz movie. Kahit passerby lang haha. ATTN: Star Cinema
29. Graduate and pass the bar exams
30. Do something crazy for fun

Why 30? I don't really know. Uso yata e. There are lots of lists like this on the web. Some friends are also working on similar projects. Maybe because people generally have more time and energy before that age, and after that, we are expected to be settled, stable and contented with our lives. But unlike a news story, life does not end at 30. So let's do more, live more.

Carpe Diem!

Paalam, Jill

Yesterday, I received a sad news from Golda. Our co-basketbelle Jill Hernandez succumbed after a year of battling with bone cancer. While I never got the chance to know her more, I remember her brilliance as a law student. One time, a power outage interrupted one of those super extended classes in Evidence under Prof. VAA. Jill, who has been reciting for several meetings, was asked by Prof. VAA, “Do you want to continue, Ms Hernandez?” The class let out a collective whine, but Ms Hernandez, unfazed by the darkness that enveloped the room, said, “Yes, Ma’am.” Good thing Prof. VAA was nice enough to dismiss the class when it became clear that no power restoration was forthcoming.
Rest in peace, Ms Hernandez. Like your Evidence recits, it was a battle well-fought. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dapat Tama

I’ve been LSSing on Gloc-9’s Dapat Tama, a song commissioned by GMA Network (lol plugging) for its Eleksyon 2013 advocacy campaign. I’ve seen a lot of election-related tweets and status updates using it as hash tag, along with photos of inked fingers, and I am amazed at how engaged netizens are in the triennial activity called elections.

The participatory mood is not limited to social media. Last Saturday, I was among the thousands of Pinoys who trooped to bus terminals and struggled to get tickets to their home provinces. My bus was SRO, people were still standing when I got off at our town plaza, which is five hours from Manila. It is heartening, seeing that so many people still care about exercising their right to vote.

And then we hear about this guy.



Friday, May 10, 2013

Baboy Day at Vikings

Vikings SM North EDSA (April 8, 2013 )

Filipinos seem to be becoming gluttonous, as seen from the rising popularity of restaurants offering eat-all-you-can buffets in the metro. My office barkada was also bitten by the buffet bug, and we planned to try the newly opened Vikings branch at SM North EDSA.
Lines could get really long and reservations should be made two weeks in advance so that’s what Bernice did. She also thought of a payment scheme for us to not cough out the entire cost in one go (Vikings was her idea, obvs).  
Ang mahiwagang savings card.
I wasn’t really keen on joining them because: 1) I get full easily so lugi ako sa eat-all-you-can thingees; 2) It costs ridiculously high. At Php888.00 per person, it is enough to feed a family for a day. I actually misheard the invitation as “Biking tayo,” so I thought the gang was being sympathetic with my sudden desire to be fit and trim. Haha.

The buffet spread was so extensive it is impossible to have a taste of everything. We all operated under one rule – get the most expensive and unusual items, those that we don’t get to eat during the normal course of things. But even with this unspoken rule, our selections differed from each other -- Dennis, Missy and Bernice feasted on crabs and lobsters, Ate Chinky on baked oysters, Joy on steak, Chino and Lito on everything (lol) and me on lamb chop and Japanese stuff.

I’m no food connoisseur but I didn’t find the taste of the food extraordinary. The ambiance was good and the experience was overwhelming so I guess the cost covered that. The most fun part of the night was when the waiters trooped to our table and sang Happy Birthday to Joy. She wasn’t celebrating her birthday but she got envious of the other diners who were being entertained with song-and-dance number from the very bibo Vikings staff so we requested them to sing to her, too. They called the crowd’s attention by introducing the birthday person as a celebrity, depending on who s/he looks like. When they got to our table, they introduced almost all of us as celebrities – Joy was Katya Santos, Dennis was Victor Neri, Missy was Jackie Forster, Bernice was Amy Perez, Lito was Kean Cipriano, Chino was Derek Ramsey, and I was Yeng Constantino. Masaya, medyo eskandaloso lang ang macho dancer routine ng isang kuya hehe. 

We were all in food coma before the night ended and had several cups of coffee so we wouldn’t fall asleep and suffer acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

Post script:

The next meal I had after the pig-out was dinner the following day.

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Labor Day Getaway

Tagaytay (May 1, 2013)

It started with a late night conversation on April 30th. 
Me: Do you wanna go to Tagaytay? 
Mary: When? 
Me: Now? Haha. Crazy idea.  
Mary: When will we go back? 
Me: Tomorrow. Just wanna try how it is to sleep with unfamiliar stars.*  
Mary: Like now? Do you wanna go or not? 
Me: I want to. Do you?  
Mary: No. Id like to sleep ΓΌ
*tears* lol. Sleep with unfamiliar stars daw. In reality I just wanted to get away from the city’s sound and fury. I was never the one to have “crazy urges to go away spontaneously overnight” (her words) because I’ve always been too careful, too practical with my approach to life, but I realized that I’m missing a lot by letting fear get in the way of fun. So, I’m sorry old self.

Twelve hours later,
Mary: Do you wanna go to Tagaytay?
Me: Sure. :)
And that’s how I got the nickname Karen.**

We got to Tagaytay two hours later. As we didn’t have anything planned and I was on a take-me-anywhere mood, she decided that we check out this place:
The requisite photo with Taal at the background.
We had mochi ice cream and an exciting game of
Minutes later, I was crying S.O.S. because she kept on crossing line after line without showing any sign of mercy. Boohoo.
Final score: Me-108, Her-156
We then drove around looking for Lily Boy’s Bed and Breakfast, but we kept on seeing signs pointing to Puzzle Mansion, so we agreed to follow them and check the Home of the Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection in the World instead. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sa Wakas: A New Pinoy Rock Musical

I’ve only seen two musical plays in my whole life.* That’s pathetic for someone who claims to love musicals. Well, I’ve seen quite a lot of movie musicals from the classical Hollywood era (Yey, Film 140!) and from the genre’s renaissance in recent years, but seeing one live is totally different and is much more awesome. There are no re-takes, editing, and other post-production shiz involved, just raw talent.

So when Rhea blogged about "Sa Wakas: A New Pinoy Rock Musical" I immediately checked the schedules and persuaded Mary to watch it with me (it didn’t take a lot of convincing hehe).  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Malcolm Madness

I was sorting my laptop files a few minutes ago and these came up:

Walang basagan ng trip. Hahaha.

this is news

It’s sad that we are flooded with Kris Aquino’s inanities while we are not made aware of stuff like this. 

"Time Magazine’s 2013 listing of the 100 most influential people in the world included two Filipinos: President Benigno Aquino and Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, a pediatric immunologist from the University of Massachusetts.
Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga
And yet, despite the groundbreaking impact of her work, she remains largely unacknowledged in her own country.

Luzuriaga —whose father is Filipino and who still does, in fact, speak Filipino— was part of an all-woman medical team acknowledged for the first cure of a baby with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the cause of AIDS."

Read the full report here.