Monday, January 21, 2013

stars are awesome.


I don't usually pray because (cue flashback from 20 years ago)...
Me: Bakit kailangan pang mag-pray?
Mommy: Para marinig ng Diyos ang mga hiling mo.
Me: Di ba omniscient si Lord? Eh di alam na Niya yung hiling ko bago ko pa sabihin. Di ba? Di ba?
I was a difficult kid. Haha. Although I'm not sure if I really used "omniscient" then.

Yes, I don't pray a lot but Malcolm Hell made me pray more frequently (sana po hindi ako matawag, sana po pumasa ako...); they say law school makes one religious. Or superstitious. In our country it's hard to distinguish.

Anyway. Earlier this morning I took a quick walk around the house. The midterms cramming was so bad my brain was shutting off from sheer information avalanche so I went out for oxygen. It must be the cool breeze or the clear skies that relieved/refreshed/rejuvenated me and I went back in to face my virginal readings with renewed enthusiasm, and I felt the urge to pray, not for things, but to thank the Lord for a good night and for a new day.

And tweet about it.

I'm still praying that I won't get called for recitation though. :-)

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