Monday, January 21, 2013

Things I Learned Last Week

1. Corona is a brand of Mexican beer. When a friend says "I saw Corona inside (7-Eleven)," don't assume that she's talking about Former Chief Justice Renato Corona. Dumbass.

2. Honesty is the best policy. It is stupid to think that an act or omission would cushion someone's fall. It only makes matters worse.

3. How to reserve tickets to Ayala Cinemas.

4. A cute hashtag that aptly describes law school life. #LawMiserables. Thanks, Patty. :-)

5. There are other people who have inspirational/motivational stuff in their rooms, aside from Tin. Ahehe. Peace, mars! :-)

6. What the Supreme Court said in the case of Morano v. Vivo, 20 SCRA 562. After a brave (haha) attempt to bullshit my way through a grueling hour-long recitation in Political Law Review, the prof said in exasperation, "That is not what the Supreme Court said!" Look, Sir, I kinda know that. I was just being creative.

7. On a chilly evening, jackets, pajamas, and socks are nothing compared to a sister's hug.

8. Blogging is not the best way to start the work week. But this should be on next week's list.

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