Friday, March 01, 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet

I'm stuck in the office trying to clean up seven years' worth of accumulated trash documents. There is an ongoing expansion/renovation of our workplace/tambayan/community and I'd want to start on a clean slate when the repairs are done. Yay, clean slates in every freaking aspect of my life! But I digress. There are older papers, dating back to the late 90s. It's funny how they look so old. I'm talking dot matrix printers. Dot matrix!

My best friend, Martin.
I took the liberty of disposing those that are older than seven years, meaning, the documents that existed before I was hired. Incidentally, today is my seventh anniversary in this company. Akalain mo yun? Time flies when you're... busy doing something else. LOL. I don't think we have a record retention/management policy, but the generally accepted period of retention is five years, longer for tax and other business-y documents. Being the packrat/history nuts that I am, I'm finding it hard to let go of some documents that have outlived their usefulness but are still interesting, like juicy tsismis on [redacted]. I'm also spending an inordinate amount of time reading. It's the same problem I had when I worked as a library assistant in college. A full volume of Blair and Robertson's monumental work on Philippine history was up for disposal? I asked if I could have it but no, they're going through some complicated bureaucratic procurement shiz. And loads of Official Gazette dating back to the early forties! I browsed through them, alright, and got allergic rhinitis and asthma. But I also learned of hilarious laws passed during that era (e.g. an Executive Order issued by Pres. Roxas mandating earlier end of workdays during summer because it's hard to work in hot weather,* and Republic Act No. 1880.** Seriously.).

Uhm, with a dress code like this, who wouldn't feel hot?
It would be fun to come up with a compilation of silly, nonsensical and outrageous statutes and see how much our lawmakers have evolved over time.

Anyhoo. Our office is also having a digitization project to reduce the use of paper, and my computer is about to crash from all the pdf-ing. (Note to self: review the E-commerce Act and the Rules on Electronic Evidence. Nerd.)

* EO No. 49, series of 1947.
**"Section 2. Section five hundred sixty-four of the Revised Administrative Code is hereby amended so as to read as follows:
'Sec. 564. During the hot season. On all days during the hot season, from April first to June fifteenth, inclusive, the period of labor is reduced to five continuous hours: Provided, That in the case of the City of Baguio, the short hours will be observed from July first to September fifteenth, inclusive, but an executive order so disposing shall not oblige the head of any department, bureau, or office to so reduce the hours of labor in his branch of work but shall leave the same in his discretion subject to the requirements of the service.'"

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