Monday, April 15, 2013

Fangirl Mode #1,855

Yesterday I went to Philsports Arena to watch the Philippine Karatedo Federation’s National Open Karate Championship and support my friend, Mary (fangirling mode again haha).

It’s been eons since I last saw a national sports event -- we were required to watch Palarong Pambansa back in grade school when Pangasinan hosted the games -- and I have forgotten how it feels to witness the country’s best athletes battling out for glory. While yesterday’s event is not as huge as Palarong Pambansa because it only showcased one sport, it brought back the familiar sense of awe and admiration at the talent and discipline demonstrated by the participants.

The gold medalists in the various categories will be joining the Philippine National Team in the upcoming Southeast Asian Karatedo Federation Championship in Clark later this week.

1. We have a lame-ass national sports program. Overheard during the assembly/orientation of SEAKF qualifiers: “Bring your beddings. Some of you will have to sleep on the couch or on the floor.” Accommodation at participation fee na nga lang ang sagot ng PSC e. The event is right here, in our own country. Why do we have to scrimp?
2. Talent is nothing without passion.
3. Hindi lang “Hiyaaaa!” ang isinisigaw sa karate. LOL.

photo courtesy of Erica, Mary's karate-mate

 Mary won two silver medals, one for kata and one for kumite. Not bad. Not bad at all. :-)


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