Sunday, April 28, 2013

Malcolm Madness

I was sorting my laptop files a few minutes ago and these came up:

Walang basagan ng trip. Hahaha.

MIA si Sporty Spice
Aside from my animal prints and Tin a.k.a. Posh Spice's ubiquitous pout, nothing else would suggest that we were gunning for something like this: 

Nyahaha. This is our yearbook barkada shot. I've forgotten about this because the studio that the GradComm engaged has been in mora solvendi for twelve months and counting, we still haven't received the final product (meron pa itong Spice Girls backdrop supposedly). Boo. Also, there is an existing embargo on all the photos but I'm releasing teaser shots while Baby, Ginger, Sporty, and Posh are off the virtual world because of bar review. *evil grin* 

Angsaya ng photo shoot na ito. Bad trip lang kasi ako si Scary Spice. May pag-emote pa ako to this effect: "Bakit ba lahat ng ayaw ninyong gawin ako ang gumagawa?" I didn't really have a choice but agree if I wanted a barkada pic. LOL. Bilang andyan na yan, kinarir ko na rin ang paghahanap ng outfit. Tin and I scoured GMA's costume department, where I got my top, and Agnes borrowed our wigs from ABS-CBN. Bongga. Hehe. Yung pants nabili ko lang sa tiangge. We were the last group to be photographed that day. The photographer and his assistants were laughing their heads off because we were acting like high school kids.  We even requested them to play the Spice Girls playlist we prepared to get us in the zone (Oh yes, mehganun). Sobrang naaliw yata sila they forgot that we were only supposed to have twelve shots and ended up giving us 27. 

Hay, the things we do in law school...  c",)


  1. ang kulet ng barkada shot na to! super panalo! i love the skin exposure, cess :D hihi

    1. Thanks, Rhea! :-) Kalurkey ito! Medyo sumakit ang tiyan ko after ng shoot kasi a) nasobrahan ng kaka-"stomach in"; b) nalamigan; c) both. Hahaha.


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