Monday, April 01, 2013

SAP # 1: Learning a sport

Muay Thai at Fight Factory Manila

I don’t do sports, unless you consider playing hoops in Timezone and running in court and/or cheering on your teammates as basketball (but yeah, I’m a member of the UP Law Basketbelles because the former team captain is my best friend). I’m just too much of a couch potato to do anything physical. The excuse I have always used is that I am asthmatic. Lame, I know, and in the past few months I've always been complaining of back aches, throbbing joints and random other pains associated with old age. I realized that if I go on with my sedentary lifestyle I wouldn't be able to move in a couple more years.

To make up for the utter absence of sports in my twenty-something years of existence, I went to Fight Factory Manila and enrolled in the most grueling sport on the menu. LOL.

Trainer: Na-try nyo na ba mag-martial arts before?
Me: Hindi pa.
Trainer: Kahit basic?
Me: Hindi pa nga po. I don’t know anything about muay thai except its spelling.
Trainer: Pero may sports naman kayo? Medyo mabigat po kasi ang muay thai.
Me: Yep, I play basketball. Nagjo-jog din ako paminsan-minsan. (Spell sinungaling.)
Trainer: Oh. Okay. Wala naman po kayong hika o heart condition?
Me: Uhmm… Wala. Wala naman.
Trainer: Okay, let’s start.

Grabe. Bonggang pagod. But it was fun. It clears your head of unnecessary thoughts, teaches you to focus, and allows you to release your pent-up aggression. Jab, hook, kick! Ang saya, pramis. The only problem is the awful odor of the free-for-all hand wraps and gloves. I've only done two sessions so far. Wala pa kasi akong pambili ng gloves e.

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