Tuesday, April 02, 2013

SAP # 3: Biking

Quezon Memorial Circle (March 10, 2013)

There is something romantic about riding a bike. When I was a kid I imagined my prince charming (bata pa nga ako neto. Haha.) not on a horse, but on a bike with a basket of roses in front. When I grew older I fancied biking side by side with that special someone, holding hands while we ride into the sunset. While I do have a special someone now, and the sunset is always there unless it’s rainy season, this little fantasy remains as such because of one tiny problem -- I don’t know how to ride a bike.

It’s a skill everybody learns in childhood, apparently.

Me: Wah, Haggardo Versoza naman mag-bike. Saan ka ba natuto nito?
Bunso: Nung bata, sa mga kapitbahay.
Me: Bakit ako, hindi natuto?
Bunso: Wala ka kasing childhood.
Me: Ano bang ginawa ko nung bata tayo?
Bunso: Uhm, nagbasa? Hahaha.

I asked my younger sister to teach me and we rented a bike at QMC at Php80 per hour. Natuto naman ako after 15 minutes, innumerable bumps into trees and other bikers, a bruised wrist (because I tried to avoid crashing into a tree with my hand instead of the handbrakes), and a three-inch abrasion in my right leg.

Bunso showing me how it’s done.

Woot! Finally!

The other day I decided to level up. My uncle and his biker friends came to visit (they biked from Bulacan to Pangasinan. Hardcore!) and I fiddled with their big bikes and got a fresh batch of cuts and lesions in my lower limbs. Bakit ba kasi hindi ako naging long-legged e.

I asked my mom to take a picture of me.

Mumi: Parang Pia Cayetano lang a.
Me: Ay mother. Pordat kakandidato na akong senador. Bwahaha.


  1. Nice, marunong ka na finally haha. I remember learning to bike by going down a ramp sa parking lot ng tito ko. Muntik an ako masagasaan ng bus and ang dami kong cuts but natuto din :). Ive been wanting to try biking talaga na long distance pero masyadong mahal ako ng parents ko at nagaglit sila pag nalalaman nilang gusto ko magbike sa highways lol.

  2. Hi Malds! Strict ang parents mo? :) I also wanna do some serious biking pero angmahal ng bike, gear, etc.


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