Tuesday, April 09, 2013

SAP # 5: Getting Fit

CrossFit Trial at CrossFit Insurrecto (April 6, 2013) 

Fit. Big word! (I said that in Laida Magtalas version 2.0’s tone. Haha.) Queen of Sedentary Lifestyle moi would not normally think of being such had it not been for the following: 

1. I have been hanging out with an athlete for months. 
2. It's summer. 

The first has been making me feel like a veritable lazy ass because KH* leads a fit and healthy lifestyle coupled with rigorous training (she has abs, dammit), and the second has been eroding my self-confidence because no matter how hard I control my breathing and keep my tummy in, my beer belly keeps on protruding. I suppose you get acutely aware of your body when you are sauntering at a beach wearing nothing but bikini. 

KH mentioned CrossFit as part of her regular workout. Cross what? I thought it’s some sort of a gym, like Fitness First or something so one day I Googled it and found this informative article by The Fit Pinoy, who turns out was a law school classmate (Google never fails to surprise me).

CrossFit seems to be working fine for KH so last Saturday I finally gathered enough courage to try it. As I walked into the building, Switchfoot's Dare You To Move played in my mp3 player. Ah, Universe. Grabe lang ang mga cue mo. 

There were only two of us that time, me and a girl named Alex who looks athletic. During the brief intro, the trainer asked us how we heard about CrossFit, what our expectations are, and: 
Trainer: What’s your sport? 
Me: (thought bubble) F#$%&!
Alex: Swimming. 
Trainer: How about you, Cess? 
Me: Uhm, basketball. I play basketball. (Paulit-ulit? Market Market?) 
I didn't want to lie but somehow I felt compelled to. Parang nakakahiya lang maging couch potato sa ganung lugar. In hindsight, I should have told him that I don’t do sports so he would marvel at the physical strength which I got to display during the timed drills. Haha. Yabang.

The free trial involves basic exercises, and before we proceeded, we were made to do 100 jump ropes. I thought it wouldn't be so hard since I used to do that as a wake-me-up technique while studying but of course I was wrong. At 60 I started panting heavily and whined “Does it have to be continuous?” Hindi naman pala, pabibo lang ako. Rawr. 

After the warm up, we were taught the following:

  • Squats 
  • Push Ups 
  • Body Rows 
  • Pull Ups 

  • Squats were used as a form of punishment when I was in grade school (bawal na yata ngayon). It’s usually the rowdy boys in class who were meted such, with a book being balanced on their arms stretched forward. Poor things. The CrossFit squat is different because we were told to put our hands behind our heads, go as low as we could, keep our body straight and our core tight. I didn't have any problem here since I’m used to long walks and the recent bid to bike regularly definitely helped strengthen my lower limbs. 

    Then the push-ups.  I have never ever tried to do push-ups. I wear push-up bras occasionally but that’s how far my affair with push-ups go. LOL. So when we were made to push up the way we do it, I had to look at Alex and see how she does it. Push up lang, mangongopya pa. Laaame. Turns out she’s doing it wrong, with her arms sticking out. 

    Body rows involve grabbing a ring tied to a rafter, leaning back and pulling your body up, all the while keeping your core tight. 

    It looked easy but my shoulders started to hurt after several tries. 

    Lastly we did the pull-ups. I’m not entirely sure why it’s called as such, it’s not the pull-up I know, i.e., pulling your body up (duh) a horizontal bar. We were made to step up and down a 12-inch high box eight times. It felt low for me so I got a higher box, 20-inch in height. Hayun, angsakit ng legs ko pagkatapos. 

    Fatigue has completely set in at this point and I thought the session was done. Trial lang naman e. But no, the trainer turned on the huge timer on the wall and made us do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for eight minutes, with one round consisting of eight counts of everything -- squats, push-ups, body rows, and pull-ups. I lost track of how many rounds I was able to finish.

    I was very happy with the trial and thought of enrolling in the foundation classes but it cost Php2,000 for 4 sessions so I figured I will just do all the things I learned in the comfort of my room. Overall it was a fun and productive experience. I felt really fit afterwards and thought I deserved a gallon of ice cream. Hahaha.

    *Karate Hottie. Thanks for the appellation, Tin. :-)


    1. haha nice. First trial ko sa crossfit before I did pretty much everything they asked you to do (pati yung akala mo tapos na, warm up palang pala part napagdaanan ko din lol), then yung AMRAP ko was pushups, situps, squats, and box jumps.

      Nanigas paa ko sa box jumps on the second or 3rd round ata and I actually fell down paatras when I jumped on the box because my feet couldn't bend anymore lol. Parang nag white screen paningin ko that time. Took me a couple of days to recover from the trial session but I was back for the foundations classes a week or two after :). Haven't been able to save up to enroll para maging regular tho, medyo gipit sa pera lol, 2 month down kasi sa insurrecto para sa yearly membership.

      1. Malds, I'm so thankful hindi pinagawa samin yung box jumps lol. I saw a video once and i imagined a nightmare scenario -- yung mag-crash ang box pagjump ko. Hahaha. I was looking forward to doing proper situps since my goal is to flatten my tummy pero wala e. it's not meant to be. hehe.

        I also want to be a regular kaya lang hindi nga siya budget-friendly. After graduation na lang siguro. :-)


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