Friday, May 10, 2013

Baboy Day at Vikings

Vikings SM North EDSA (April 8, 2013 )

Filipinos seem to be becoming gluttonous, as seen from the rising popularity of restaurants offering eat-all-you-can buffets in the metro. My office barkada was also bitten by the buffet bug, and we planned to try the newly opened Vikings branch at SM North EDSA.
Lines could get really long and reservations should be made two weeks in advance so that’s what Bernice did. She also thought of a payment scheme for us to not cough out the entire cost in one go (Vikings was her idea, obvs).  
Ang mahiwagang savings card.
I wasn’t really keen on joining them because: 1) I get full easily so lugi ako sa eat-all-you-can thingees; 2) It costs ridiculously high. At Php888.00 per person, it is enough to feed a family for a day. I actually misheard the invitation as “Biking tayo,” so I thought the gang was being sympathetic with my sudden desire to be fit and trim. Haha.

The buffet spread was so extensive it is impossible to have a taste of everything. We all operated under one rule – get the most expensive and unusual items, those that we don’t get to eat during the normal course of things. But even with this unspoken rule, our selections differed from each other -- Dennis, Missy and Bernice feasted on crabs and lobsters, Ate Chinky on baked oysters, Joy on steak, Chino and Lito on everything (lol) and me on lamb chop and Japanese stuff.

I’m no food connoisseur but I didn’t find the taste of the food extraordinary. The ambiance was good and the experience was overwhelming so I guess the cost covered that. The most fun part of the night was when the waiters trooped to our table and sang Happy Birthday to Joy. She wasn’t celebrating her birthday but she got envious of the other diners who were being entertained with song-and-dance number from the very bibo Vikings staff so we requested them to sing to her, too. They called the crowd’s attention by introducing the birthday person as a celebrity, depending on who s/he looks like. When they got to our table, they introduced almost all of us as celebrities – Joy was Katya Santos, Dennis was Victor Neri, Missy was Jackie Forster, Bernice was Amy Perez, Lito was Kean Cipriano, Chino was Derek Ramsey, and I was Yeng Constantino. Masaya, medyo eskandaloso lang ang macho dancer routine ng isang kuya hehe. 

We were all in food coma before the night ended and had several cups of coffee so we wouldn’t fall asleep and suffer acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

Post script:

The next meal I had after the pig-out was dinner the following day.

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