Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dapat Tama

I’ve been LSSing on Gloc-9’s Dapat Tama, a song commissioned by GMA Network (lol plugging) for its Eleksyon 2013 advocacy campaign. I’ve seen a lot of election-related tweets and status updates using it as hash tag, along with photos of inked fingers, and I am amazed at how engaged netizens are in the triennial activity called elections.

The participatory mood is not limited to social media. Last Saturday, I was among the thousands of Pinoys who trooped to bus terminals and struggled to get tickets to their home provinces. My bus was SRO, people were still standing when I got off at our town plaza, which is five hours from Manila. It is heartening, seeing that so many people still care about exercising their right to vote.

And then we hear about this guy.



When I got home at 1AM on Sunday, I woke my mom up (wee, showing up unannounced again), greeted her Happy Mother’s Day and handed her my gift.* She immediately prepared dinner for me and launched a rantage of sorts:
Mumi: Hindi ako natutuwa. Nakakainsulto!
Me: *thought bubble* (Way to go, mom. Prinsipyo ftw!) Eh bakit nyo tinanggap?
Mumi: Nakita ko na lang nandyan sa gate e. Sayang naman.
Me: Ang cheap-cheap naman nito. Speed talaga? Hindi man lang Tide? Hahaha.
Mumi: Yan ba ang gusto mong pasukin? Wag ka nang makigulo sa kanila.
 Our subject was this:

Ironically, these items are labelled as “panangaro nen (insert name of candidate here),” which translates to pagmamahal ni blahblahblah. Really, pagmamahal? How could you equate something with love when it is in fact an affront to people’s free will, to their discernment? Hay. To think these things didn’t even come from the candidates’ own pockets. Gusto ko nga bang pasukin to?

Speaking of pasok, netizens are irate at how people like Nancy Binay made it to the Top 12, how Former President and convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada won as mayor of a city he’s not even a resident of, and how murderers, rapists, addicts, and so many other law violators get elected. Dafuq. 

A friend suggested a thing so radical it would probably get him stoned:

While the result is seriously frustrating, this idea is typical middle/educated class-snobbery. Education is not the panacea for all our social ills. Come to think of it, it is the educated party leaders who decide whom to field in various positions, it is the educated bureaucrats in COMELEC who filter the COCs and select who are nuisance and who are not. Ultimately, it is the educated who are responsible for giving the electorate the options (or lack thereof).

On a less serious note (but still about pasok haha), Pinoys are still hoping that more deserving candidates would get elected, like Dick Gordon. His precarious standing in the partial and unofficial counts gave rise to a cute but obscene Twitter hash tag -- #IpasokSiDick.

Dirty finger. Literally.

I still felt what I feel every time I participate in this democratic exercise – pride and satisfaction that I did my duty, and hopeful that the choices I made will help make a difference. But the duty does not end with feeding the ballot into the PCOS, getting inked, and monitoring the count. Sabi nga ni Gloc-9, ba't 'di natin subukan na tulungan at umako, bumahagi sa bigat na matagal na nating pasan, pag tayo’y nagsama-sama lahat ay malalampasan. Break it down, yo!

*My gift for mumi. I dognapped this cutie from Mary. LOL.

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