Friday, May 03, 2013

Labor Day Getaway

Tagaytay (May 1, 2013)

It started with a late night conversation on April 30th. 
Me: Do you wanna go to Tagaytay? 
Mary: When? 
Me: Now? Haha. Crazy idea.  
Mary: When will we go back? 
Me: Tomorrow. Just wanna try how it is to sleep with unfamiliar stars.*  
Mary: Like now? Do you wanna go or not? 
Me: I want to. Do you?  
Mary: No. Id like to sleep ü
*tears* lol. Sleep with unfamiliar stars daw. In reality I just wanted to get away from the city’s sound and fury. I was never the one to have “crazy urges to go away spontaneously overnight” (her words) because I’ve always been too careful, too practical with my approach to life, but I realized that I’m missing a lot by letting fear get in the way of fun. So, I’m sorry old self.

Twelve hours later,
Mary: Do you wanna go to Tagaytay?
Me: Sure. :)
And that’s how I got the nickname Karen.**

We got to Tagaytay two hours later. As we didn’t have anything planned and I was on a take-me-anywhere mood, she decided that we check out this place:
The requisite photo with Taal at the background.
We had mochi ice cream and an exciting game of
Minutes later, I was crying S.O.S. because she kept on crossing line after line without showing any sign of mercy. Boohoo.
Final score: Me-108, Her-156
We then drove around looking for Lily Boy’s Bed and Breakfast, but we kept on seeing signs pointing to Puzzle Mansion, so we agreed to follow them and check the Home of the Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection in the World instead. 
The steep road leading to the mansion made Mary think twice, perhaps more, about driving through it. I was ready to get off and walk, but then came the very encouraging manong guard who gave her tips on driving (segunda, primera, whatever). After a few more minutes of hesitation, manong guard delivered this killer line -- “Hindi mo mararanasan kung hindi mo susubukan.” 

This is not for the faint-hearted. Haha.
 Before we knew it, we were lost in the gallery of 1,028 framed puzzle artworks.
For more on Puzzle Mansion, read up here and here.

For dinner, we had bulalo at Green ATS. I’ve never heard of this place before, but we gave it a try “para maiba naman, lagi na lang Leslie’s.” We were too hungry we forgot to take pictures. 

The group at the table next to us talked of going to Starbucks for coffee, which is weird because there are 200 Starbucks stores scattered all over the country (but yes, I did go to Starbucks Tagaytay years ago to study). Coffee after dinner is nonetheless a good idea so we went to Bag of Beans. Mainstream din. Haha. We stayed there for almost three hours and played Katamino over chocolate mousse and coffee. 

It was awesome lollygagging -- a fitting tribute to Labor Day -- made more awesome by the fact that we did not exhaust a lot of brain cells deciding on our itinerary (sa board games lang hehe). Hooray to spontaneity!

* from the Maptia Manifesto 
**short for kaladkarin

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