Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paalam, Jill

Yesterday, I received a sad news from Golda. Our co-basketbelle Jill Hernandez succumbed after a year of battling with bone cancer. While I never got the chance to know her more, I remember her brilliance as a law student. One time, a power outage interrupted one of those super extended classes in Evidence under Prof. VAA. Jill, who has been reciting for several meetings, was asked by Prof. VAA, “Do you want to continue, Ms Hernandez?” The class let out a collective whine, but Ms Hernandez, unfazed by the darkness that enveloped the room, said, “Yes, Ma’am.” Good thing Prof. VAA was nice enough to dismiss the class when it became clear that no power restoration was forthcoming.
Rest in peace, Ms Hernandez. Like your Evidence recits, it was a battle well-fought. 

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