Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving out, moving in, moving on.

The past couple of weeks went by in a blur. So many things happened* and I’m still a bit dazed from it all. 

A friend said, “You’re amazing. How do you manage to do all these things?” 

Frankly, I don’t know. I guess not worrying about the things that have to be done helps a lot. The circumstances are challenging as they are, no need to lose sleep over them. That’s figurative, of course. I do lose some sleep when I do my bit of studying. (Bit lang talaga. Unfortunately, six years in Malcolm did not change my laid-back, if not non-existent, study habits.) You just do what you have to do. The world will spin madly on, whether you like it or not.

The other day I went to a job interview. The guy who interviewed me was like, “So basically you spent your entire adult life in GMA-7.” Uh, yeah. Shouldn’t I get a medal or something? I thought staying in one job is a selling point, since it presumably means maturity and stability and all those nice words but now it seems like a liability. The times are a-changing. The world has adapted to the young and the restless who change jobs every two years. Wait, I’m barely two weeks in my new job and I went to a job interview?!

Well, young and restless. Or maybe just the latter. Haha. When I decided to leave my job I did not think of the consequences. Legal Officer in a government office a stone’s throw from school sounded too attractive. Never mind that they will pay me half of what I’m getting as a regular employee in a leading TV network. Some concerned friends said I should wait for the bonuses, but I got excited. Maybe I do need to worry a little. 

Relevant legal experience. Those are the words that my ego keeps on repeating to appease the id. They talk pretty much in this manner:
Ego: Think of the knowledge that you will gain! I’m sure that’s incapable of pecuniary estimation.
Id: Uh, but I need to pay the rent and stuff, which is capable of precise mathematical calculation, as follows: P5,000++ for rent, P1,000++ for utilities, Px,000++ for transportation, books, etc. And a human being has to eat, you know.
Ego: I concur.
So that explains the job interview. 

Interviewer goes, “You’re graduating and you will be taking the bar exam next year. Baka iwanan mo kami.” Take a second look at my CV. Seven years and law school, dude. I think it means I kinda know how to multi-task. But of course I didn’t say that.

*Left job, got a new one; evicted from apartment, hunted for another; returned to Malcolm’s madness.

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