Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Healthy = Happy

For the first time in months, I finally got around to running around the oval again. The last time I jogged was in February, and the only reason I did was that I wanted to see her. Five months later, we would be jogging side by side. Amazeballs. 

So yesterday I decided to run because I have been experiencing massive chest pains. The theory was that doing a strenuous activity will sort of exorcise the illness away. People say it works for asthma (something I regret not doing because I babied my asthma so I still suffer from it every now and then). Also I have been anxious about so many things that I felt I needed to run from the clouds and chase the sun. Endorphins. The best part was she decided to join me. :-)

I was able to complete almost two rounds of running, not brisk walking as I am wont to do. I didn’t think I’d last that long, considering how sedentary I have been lately. It could be because a) I drew my strength from her; b) the thought of having someone to bring you to the infirmary in case you collapse is comforting; c) surrounding yourself with good people pushes you to be better.

It felt so good that I actually did self-fives. Haha.

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