Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Final Finals

Isang gabi, sa cramming capital ng Teachers Village…
Gir1 1: Iba kaya ang brain function ng mga Amerikano sa mga Pinoy?
Girl 2: Physiologically pareho lang. Culturally siguro iba. The way we attach meaning to things…
G2: Angtagal ko nang wala sa art studies circle. Mga seven years na.
G1: May book ako on art history, sobrang basic lang. Pahiram ko sayo. Picasso, Monet, Magritte...
G2: Magritte? Hindi ko pa siya naencounter.
G1: Yung “This Is Not A Pipe”?
G2: Yun ba yung may toilet?
Me: (pabulong) Duchamp yun.
G1: …detect changes in cerebral blood flow while viewing works of Mondrian…
Conclusions formed while listening to their conversation:
1. Girl 1 is working on her thesis on art education
2. I have a knack for eavesdropping. The girlfriend finds it creepy gets a bit annoyed because it distracts me from her, but I say it’s a journalistic skill.
3. I should have transferred to another table.

And because I did not, I had an awful time during my back-to-back final exams the following day -- Political Law Review and Labor Law Review. It’s not a stressful day per se, because poli and labor are two of the more brain-friendly subjects, but the sheer volume of materials I had to deal with made it so arduous. Poli is composed of well, all subjects political: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Law of Public Officers, Election Law, Local Government, and Public International Law. Labor, on the other hand consists of Labor Standards and Labor Relations. Several semesters crammed in two subjects, and crammed further into one day. Haha. But I have no business complaining because these are review classes, so I’m presumed to have learned the subjects before, and bar exams work pretty much in this manner. Sabi ko nga, first bar Sunday ang peg ng finals ko. c”,)

The exams were reasonable and I know I could have done better if I didn’t spend time eavesdropping unavoidably hearing the conversation of others. The only issue I have on Poli is it’s mostly taken from Consti. And there was a question on the most boring part of the Constitution -- Art. IX-D (The Commission on Audit). Anyhow, ranting is moot now because the prof texted my final grade and I passed. Yay! For Labor, the prof has been my teacher in another subject before so I thought he would draft his exams the way he used to, i.e., situational. Lo and behold, he had a lot of questions asking for definitions and matters of procedure in labor cases. Hindi lang basta definition, but “How does the Labor Code define…” I still dunno how I fared, but I’m pretty sure I amended a substantial part of the law. LOL.

There's still one final exam to hurdle, Negotiable Instruments Law (NIL), and my knowledge of the subject is precisely that -- nil. Hehe. It’s a week from now so I am not bothered (yet), being a holder of a Masters degree in this area of law called Parkinson’s.* For now I shall continue paying attention to the more interesting lives of fellow crammers.

*Parkinson’s Law states that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Some define it in regard to time as “The amount of time which one has to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete the task.” (Source:'s_law)

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